Five Peas in a Pod

Hello and welcome to Five Peas in a Pod! We’re five rescue kitties on a mission to leave our pawprints on the world. We can’t wait to share our journey and get to know you a little better.

Meet the Peas


She might be tiny, but this sassy calico is definitely the HBIC! As the first-born, Paisley constantly misses being a spoiled only child.

Likes: her octopus toy, sitting on her mum’s lap, and disciplining her siblings.

Dislikes: cultural appropriation.


The tortitude is very strong in this one! Paetyn is either very sweet or very sassy, depending on the day.

Likes: meeting new people, being served dinner in bed, and feathers.

Dislikes: when a series is cancelled after one season.


Our very first foster failure! Preston is a confusingly delightful mix of shy and needy. You never know what you’re going to get.

Likes: performing 4am cat opera, lizards, making muffins in inappropriate places.

Dislikes: multi-level marketing.


Originally from a feral colony, this blue-eyed boy now spends his time posing for pictures and melting hearts.

Likes: snacking excessively, shaking his tail at the ladies, licking fingers.

Dislikes: Marxism.


Parker came in as a hissy, spitty foster; but soon learned which side her bread was buttered. Which is both sides.

Likes: swishing her fluffy tail, purring VERY loudly, giving the stank eye to everyone except meowmy.

Dislikes: heteronormativity.

Meet the Momager


Content creator, cat mama, and serial tea drinker! Megs has a BJourn from Rhodes University and years of social and copy writing experience. She is a Marketing and Media Manager within the wildlife conservation industry and is passionate about this cause. Having fostered 100+ cats and kittens, she knows a thing or two about felines too, and is a fervent supporter of TNR and rescue efforts.

Likes: Beyoncé, pizza, and Oxford commas.

Dislikes: the use of ‘with regards to’ when it should be ‘with regard to’.

Meet the Fun Mom


Psychology Masters student by day, and… well, by night too. And every moment in between! Nicole may work her butt off, but this mom still knows when to let loose and have a game of ‘chase me chase me’ in the garden. (with the cats, of course…) She works part time while finishing up her thesis and will very soon be a qualified psychologist. 

Likes: hot chocolate, Sudokus, and coffee outings.

Dislikes: piña coladas and getting caught in the rain.

Our Values

At Five Peas in a Pod, we absolutely adore cats, but we care about a wide range of issues. Our values mean a lot to us and are incorporated into as many aspects of our lives as possible.

We support animal rescue and the power of TNR. We don’t support “free to good home” situations, neglect, abuse, or any mistreatment of animals whatsoever.

We are passionate about wildlife and environmental conservation and challenge brands to do their bit in working towards sustainable production and consumption.

We believe in supporting and uplifting small businesses, local creativity, and diversity in businesses. We are pro-equality, pro-BLM, and anti-judgment. We are a proudly LGBT+ family.

We also love to chat and build friendships and relationships within the pet parent space.