Five Peas in a Pod

Brand Ambassadorship

We are passionate about innovative, creative, and exceptional brands and are always keen to work together. We are particularly interested in South African entrepreneurs and promoting small business and start-ups in the world of pet products.

We’ve found that, while the local market for cat products is currently narrow, it is also expanding at a faster rate than ever before. The opportunities exist and this is an exciting time for us to work with both up-and-coming AND established brands.

Simply send us a sample of your product and we’ll happily share our honest thoughts on it. We pride ourselves on our honest and open relationship with our Five Peas community, and as such, we will only rave about products that we genuinely love. That being said, we are all about punting inspiring creatives and will work closely with you to offer our support. Princeton looks forward to batting his eyes at the camera to promote your product!

Because we truly believe in them, the brands we ambassador for are showered with love. From pictures to blog posts to Instagram stories to recommendations, you name it. Your brand won’t just be a scheduled post or two to us or a number on a calendar – it will become apart of our daily lives and form part of the Five Peas identity.

Content Creation

Our momager has a BJourn from Rhodes University where she specialised in writing and editing. She has vast experience in social media management, copywriting, blogging, PR, print, website copy, and many more areas of publishing and media.

Should you require assistance in social platform coaching, copywriting, editing, or similar; please get in touch to discuss further.


As our following grows and we continue to reach milestones, our engagement is continually increasing. We will gladly host competitions for your brand on our social pages. Give us a meow to chat about specifications.


We love learning about new products and would love to review your creations! Send us a sample and we’ll gladly put together a review of your product on our socials, blog, or both. Please bear in mind that we will always provide our honest opinion, but we’re sure we will love your product!

And More!

Have an idea that doesn’t quite fit into any of the above categories? Let’s chat about it and see what we can do!

Boop my snoot to get in touch!